Senaka Kanakamedala

Senaka Kanakamedala has received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in engineering from Louisiana Tech University in 2011. He joined Micron Technology after his graduation to work on research and development of 3D X-point memory. His primary focus was to develop advanced chemical mechanical planarization processes for 3D X-point cell. Later, he joined R&D group of SanDisk, a Western Digital brand to work on 3D NAND development, where he gained the experience of technology development from concept and feasibility phase to high volume production phase of 3D NAND. His primary focus was on cell module development. He has 12 granted and 20 pending patents on 3D NAND architecture, process and integration. Currently, he is leading the advanced dry etch development group to provide solutions for critical modules such as Cell, Replacement and Staircase in next generation 3D NAND flash memory.