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IPWGN 2015 Presentation (Click Here PPT)

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IPWGN Publications

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2015 IPWGN Paper (click HERE)                      2011 IPWGN Paper  (click HERE)                        2010 IPWGN Paper  (click HERE)




What is the IPWGN?

The International Planning Working Group on Nanoelectronics (IPWGN)  is the INC’s international technical task force working group for nanoelectornics operating in three global regions:

  • United States of America (Chair: Dr. Kos Galatsis)
  • Europe (Chair: Dr. Lothat Pfitzner) …and rotating Global Chairman for 2016
  • Japan (Chair: Dr. Toshiro Hiramoto)


What is its Mission?

To stimulate and enhance the inter-regional cooperation in nanoelectronics through information organization exchange.


What is its work product & output?

The working group aims to:

  • defining global research needs of nanoelectronics.
  • understanding the scope and size of regional nanoelectronics research programs.
  • discussing potential research gaps.
  • identifying areas where collaboration and cooperation between regions will accelerate programs.